About me

Welcome! My name is Stefano. After working for over twenty years in the information technology world, I decided to take a break to review the list of my priorities. In this parenthesis I tried to rediscover what my talents and passions are and I found myself drawing on the computer. Initially I did not have precise objectives, I found myself drawing things that intrigued me or attracted me until I stumbled into the Metatron's cube. It was an immediate attraction and I enjoyed playing it and studying its composition. Little by little I entered more and more into the subject that is called Sacred Geometry. Over time I discovered the magic that resides in, it I started to see that there is much more behind simple flat geometric figures, it is a secret language, a code that speaks directly to our souls. So I started a real path of study discovering how ancient were the bonds between man and Sacred Geometry so much to derive the genesis to them.

Sacred Geometry is the study of the rules that underlie a harmonious and conscious cosmos. From these derive all the components of our reality, not only physical, but also rational and emotional. My personal contribution is the attempt to spread these messages through the drawings, hoping that they can reach the heart of each one of you. To do this, I started this project which I wanted to call LOSTefx, an acronym for LOST Electronic effect (or fx), trying, in my small way, to reproduce these ancient symbols with modern digital effects. I put a lot of effort into trying to offer something "new" by experimenting and accepting the insights that are revealed to me by meditating on these geometries. 

This path has led me to create Visual Meditation Tools (VMT), that are supports that, thanks to their symmetry characteristics, colors, shapes and vibrations help to concentrate and enter a meditative state. Letting the image flow inside us, the geometry, through its ancestral power, transfers information from the left hemisphere of the brain (the logical-rational) to the right one (intuitive and spiritual which helps to concentrate on the here and now), harmonizing the atomic structures of the organism realigning them with the perfection of Sacred Geometry and gradually bringing them back to their natural essence, that of the entire Universe.


Visual Meditation Tools are available for FREE to ALL those who request them

The VMTs are given for free because I believe I have received as a gift the possibility of creating these works and that belong to all those who resonate with them and it is my attempt to help people make Mother Earth a better place. However, if you think that the commitment in carrying out these works deserves a fee and you wish to contribute, I will be happy to accept a donation. Anyway, I don't expect anything and you don't have to feel bound.

What can I do with a digital file? Well, you can print it and get a high quality large print or use it as a background for computers, tablets or phones for example.

Here you can find some useful tips to get the best results for printing, remember that the file provided has a resolution up to 10,000 pixels in the longest side (the size depends on the chosen image) and they all have a resolution of 300 DPI, this to guarantee large format and high quality prints. For Example:

    - 4400x4400 @ 300dpi pixels for prints up to 37.25x37.25 cm (14.6x14.6 in)

    - 10000x10000 @ 300dpi pixels for prints up to 84.5x84.5 cm (33.3x33.3 in)

To contact me you can send an email (art@lostefx.com) or use the contact page telling me which VMT you want and specifying to which email address to send it. Thanks and Namaste!

(۞◠‿◠) Universal Geɸmetry Art (◠‿◠۞)
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