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Consciousness levels encoded in Vesica Piscis

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Drunvalo Melchizedek in his book The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, reveals the third information system called "circles and squares of human consciousness". Drunvalo explains that Thoth told him that all levels of consciousness in the universe are integrated into a single image of Sacred Geometry, which is the key to time, space and dimension and even to consciousness itself. For each level of consciousness there is a connected geometry, which completely defines how that specific level of consciousness interprets the only Reality.

According to Thoth there are nine crystal spheres under the Sphinx, one inside the other and connected in some way to the consciousness of the Earth and the three levels of consciousness that humans are currently experiencing.

(Fig.1) Circles and squares of human consciousness

In Fig.1 I reported the scheme drawn by Drunvalo with the nine circles and the relative circumscribed squares, highlighting the three levels of consciousness with different colors: orange 1st level, green 2nd level and purple 3rd level. The pairs of squares and circles highlighted have the particularity of approaching the quadrature of the circle (ie square and circle with the same perimeter) and not only, in fact the difference between the perimeter of the square and the circle approach the ratio φ (phi or 1/Φ) that approximates with increasing precision, like the Fibonacci sequence, with increasing dimensions of circles and squares.

Again according to Thoth, in this way the consciousness continues to expand infinitely and get closer and closer to the perfection of the phi relationship or the Golden Section. Thus the fourth square relative to the fifth circle and the seventh square relative to the ninth circle form an almost perfect phi ratio. These are the first and third levels of consciousness and are very close to a state called harmonic consciousness that makes them self-aware.

According to Thoth, no one has ever found the solution to go directly from the first level, which is where the Australian Aborigines are, at the third level, which means the Christ or the consciousness of unity. We need an intermediate step, a bridge between these two levels, we are that bridge that is the second level.

The second level was identified by Drunvalo finding the connection between the first and the third level and that is the 45 ° rotation of the fifth square. In this way the bridge is created that perfectly touches the first level (the circle of the first level) and the third level (the square of the third level, which, even if it does not touch perfectly, shows the way in which human love can reach the Christ consciousness).

What I found, during my studies on Vesica Pisis, seems to be the representation of this information system that does not accurately respect the geometries of the one described by Drunvalo, but makes the visual representation similar. So it is not my intention to question what Drunvalo and Thoth said, but only to show a codified curiosity in the Vesica Pisis. The major difference with the scheme drawn by Drunvalo is that the relationship between the perimeter measurements of the circles and squares approximates to one instead of phi.

The diagram (Fig.2) can be drawn with the only use of compass and ruler, but for better vision and accurate verification I used digital images. The thing that amazed me the most, is the perfect intersection of all the lines and now I will try to explain the steps to get it.

(Fig.2) the Vesica Piscis containing the third information system called "circles and squares of human consciousness"

We start by drawing the two circumferences that form the Vesica Pisis (I made them of radius 1 to simplify some calculations that we will see later), then we trace the perpendicular axes inside the almond that forms. Now we can trace the circle at the center of the almond with almond width diameter (if you have made the two circles with radius 1, it will have diameter 1), you can then build the square circumscribed to this circle and trace its diagonals. This is the square of the third level which, according to Drunvalo, is a grid that envelops the Earth and here we can see that the circle we have drawn is used as a symbol of the proportion of the Earth, in the representations of the great Pyramid of Giza and of the Earth-Moon relationship inside the Vesica Piscis. Now to get the circle relative to the Third level of Consciousness we must draw a pentagon inscribed in the right circumference of the Vesica Pisis, the intersection of the upper left side of the pentagon with the vertical axis of the almond is the point from which the circumference of the third level (this is a particular point because it is related to phi, but I will talk about it in more detail next time). I think that even on an esoteric level this construction that starts from the square (Earth), using the pentagon (Man) to get to the circle (Heaven) has meanings that are still unknown to me, but that are symbolically very strong.

The square of the second level is obtained by taking the intersection of the circle we have drawn inside the almond and the diagonals of the third level squares, this can also be represented with the 45° inclination as a bridge between the levels joining the midpoints of the consecutive sides of the third level square (in this case the inclined square is perfectly contained in the third level). To find the circle of the second level we must first construct a hexagon inscribed in the left circumference of the Vesica Pisis and mark the points where the sides of the hexagon intersect the diagonals of the square of the third level. The circumference of the second level passes through these points. In this case I have not yet found any particular explanation other than the fact that another important figure serves in the construction of this system and, as we shall see shortly, with great precision.

As we have already seen The first level of consciousness is connected with the second from the square of the second level, in fact it is enough to draw the circumference inscribed in the square, while to derive the square of the first level we must call into question the knowledge of the ancient Egyptians (this is a coincidence?), in fact if we draw the great Pyramid of Giza (there are many examples on the internet on how to derive it from the Vesica Pisis (Fig.3)) joining the point of intersection of the pentagon with the axis of the almond to the midpoint of the vertical side of the square of the third level, we get a proportional representation of the great pyramid (base 1, height √Φ / 2, oblique side Φ / 2). The square of the first level has vertices at the points where the oblique side of the pyramid intersects the diagonals of the square of the third level.

(Fig.3) The great Pyramid of Giza with the Earth and Moon representation.

For numbers lovers I have made some measurements with the highest degree of precision that I can and I report the results below.

(Fig.4) Scheme drawed with CAD

(Fig.5) Measurements and calculations made with π (Pi)

If we wanted to embrace the theory that π could be obtained from Φ (fascinating theory that I fully share), the golden π which has a value of 4 / √Φ = 3,144605511.... is excellently explained by the mathematician Jain 108 (

(Fig.6) Measurements and calculations made with golden π (4/√Φ)

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