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Consciousness Travel Machine

The main reason for this work is the triskele (or "three legs"), an ancient Celtic symbol with uncertain origins, from which I was very impressed. Its meaning has to do with movement, cyclicity, as well as with number three (notoriously the perfect number), therefore it represents perfection understood not as something achieved but as intrinsic in a process in continuous renewal. In my personal interpretation, this symbol wants to represent the three fundamental dimensions of each individual: Soul, Spirit and Mind (or Body). The intent of the work is to offer the observer (traveler) a symbolic means (machine) that accompanies him on a meditative journey, to discover his meeting point of these three dimensions, or the Conscience. So I wanted to reproduce a hypothetical time machine whose gears, interconnected, move symbols belonging to ancient disciplines such as astrology, astronomy and alchemy, which have the power to influence, more or less consciously, these three dimensions. I also wanted to write the words "know thyself" in Latin and in Greek that I believe to be the key to evolution for each individual.

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