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Giclée print

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Let's see what we need to keep in mind to print digital images and get optimal results. There is a specific sector that deals with quality digital prints and is often referred to by the term giclée print or fine art print.

A giclée (“g-clay”) print is a high definition reproduction, printed on professional large format inkjet machines. This French term literally means "to spray". The Giclée print quality is superior in many respects to traditional lithography or offset printing. The Giclée print uses nine different colors unlike just four colors used in offset printing. The colors are so brighter and together with the high-definition blend they get a continuous shade. The details of the images are more captivating, colored with livelier and more vibrant tones. The colors reproduced are brighter, longer lasting and high definition.

The Giclée was born in the mid-80s, and it has quickly established itself as a printing system for the quality and the colors that are obtained and often there are prints on display in museums and art galleries. Thanks to its pigment ink and its high quality supports, it does not alter. The stability Giclée stamp is synonymous with permanence.

To get the best results we need to consider three aspects: paper, printer and professional service. Finding the right partner who can advise you on the best paper to use for the type of printing and who can handle your digital files to print them accurately on the printer is essential. Today you can also find online services that offer great services at a good price, but it depends a lot on which part of the world you live! :)

From my personal experience I suggest take a look on the Sall Digital website, I turned to them several times for my prints, they offer a service in various parts of the world, they are very professional and often offer discovery vaucher. Through their software it is possible to personalize your own print starting from digital images and after a few days you receive the press at home.

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